Model "A" Frame & Chassis

You Have A Choice
CCR has veered from the norm by offering four stages of completion with their chassis. We feel these choices are better and more convenient than the usual 3 offered by most companies. From a bare frame to a frame with all welded brackets in place to a complete chassis, you can get it how you want it. Compare part by part prices and you'll see that CCR is the better value.
The model "A" chassis is available with the standard rear cross member or with a kicked-up rear for a lower look. Designed through and through for a superior look and ride feel.

  Shown w/optional Drum Brakes,......add $495
  and 3rd member  add $1250

STAGE I is the foundation for a great Model "A". CCR's stage I frame is completely jig welded and will fit all body styles. You have a choice between the standard rear crossmember or a kicked-up rear that gives your car a lower ride. Body and running board holes are drilled and nutserts are installed in place, so the frame is ready for the body to be mounted.
Standard Rear Crossmember  
23102 Stage I - for rear spring $1295.00
23104 Stage I - for coil-overs $895.00
23106 Stage I - for Jag $1195.00
Kick-Up Rear Crossmember add  $200

Stage II gives you the precision built frame plus all of the brackets and mounts jig welded into place. Start here and add as you go along.

Standard Rear Crossmember  
23214 • Stage II for coil-overs $1900.00
23217 • Stage II for Jag $2195.00
Kick-Up Rear Crossmember add  $200
STAGE III gives you the perfect start to a rolling chassis. STAGE III includes Front end Axle assembly w/4-Link, New Steering Box, Pitman arm and linkage, Chevy motor mounts, Brake Pedal, New Housing, new 28 spline axles, 4-Link rear, with Coil over shocks, Panhard Bar and transmission mounts
Standard Rear Crossmember  
23354 • Stage III with coil-overs $6050.00
23356 • Stage III with Jag $4810.00
Kick-Up Rear Crossmember add  $200

Stage IV is the most complete chassis package we otter. It includes front GM disc brake kit with calipers, as well as, the master cylinder.

Standard Rear Crossmember  
23464 Stage IV with coil-overs $6500.00
23466 . Stage IV set up for Jag - power unit + push rod $5385.00
Kick-Up Rear Crossmember
Assy. Charge for Will Call $250
(For Stage III or IV chassis)  
11" Drum Brake Kit add $495.00
3rd member open $1250
Wilwood Rear Disc $660
Explorer Rear Disc $525
Polished Calipers $100


Chrome Package add $2150.00
Brake Line Package - (steel hardline) add $680.00

If you are building a complete reproduction Model "A" or just want a solid foundation to mount your original body and fenders to, CCR has what you need. The CCR Model "A" chassis features 2" x 4" x .120 rectangular tube rails, contoured in the front to resemble 1he original. The rear rail sections remain at 4" in height until mating to the rear crossmember or kick-up sections. No brackets are welded to the shaping straps to retain the frames strength. All non ground-off welds are done by Heli-arc (T.l.G.). The CCR Model "A" chassis and frames are detailed and finished as you would expect from CCR.

The CCR Model "A" chassis can also be ordered with an Independent Front Suspension (lFS). Call for more details and prices on this option.
Kugel Base IFS...... add $1950 to STAGE III and STAGE IV

If you are interested in building your chassis to your own specifications, why not start with some high quality rails from CCR. Save yourself a lot of time and hassle by using the same rails that are standard in all of CCR's own

Model "A" chassis.  
Model "A" Frame Rails (for builders) call for prices


Street rodders have always had a flair for speed and power, as well as a distinctive look for their cars. If you're one of them and you're looking for a way to drop your model "A" to the ground without sacrificing the quality of the ride, CCR's kicked-up rear crossmember is what you need.
The diagram to the left shows how raising the frame, lowers where the body mounts without affecting the travel of the rearend. From the diagram you can see that the kicked-up rear offers a much lower ride, about 3 inches in fact. This is done without sacrificing the quality of your suspension, so you're ride will be as nice as always.

Model "A" Pick-Up Chassis

Shown w/optional Drum Brakes, and 3rd member................................add $1,745
The chassis comes in 4 stages of completion, so you can get it any way you need it. From a bare frame (Stage I), to a frame with all brackets and mounts (Stage II), to a nearly complete (Stage III), and a complete chassis (Stage IV) with front disc brake and rearend housing, 28 spline axles. If you're currently re-doing a Model "A" pick-up or thinking about building one, this is definitely an easier route than hassling with a Model "A" passenger car chassis and having to modify it.

is a bare frame complete with all mounting holes and nutserts. This frame has a modified rear crossmember designed specially for a Model "A" Pick-up. The Stage I bare frame gives you an excellent foundation for your pick-up to be built on. You can order it set up for a conventional Ford rearend and coil-over shocks or for a Jag rearend.
23113 Stage I for Coil-Overs $1150.00
23118 Stage I for Jag $1450.00

STAGE II gives you the excellent foundation of our bare frame, plus all of your mounting brackets fully jig welded. Eliminate all your hassles!

23223 Stage II for Coil-Overs $2350.00
23228 Stage II for Jag $2550.00

STAGE III gives you the perfect start to a rolling chassis. STAGE III includes Front end Axle assembly w/4-Link, New Steering Box, Pitman arm and linkage, Chevy motor mounts, Brake Pedal, New Housing, 4-Link rear, with Coil over shocks, Panhard Bar and transmission mounts
           (Model "A" & '~" pick-up stages are same)

23363 Stage 111 with Coil-Overs $6495.00
23368 • Stage 111 set up for Jag $4960.00

STAGE IV Our most complete chassis. Includes Stage III, master cylinder, front disc brakes, and calipers.

23473 Stage IV with Coil-Overs $6875.00
23478 Stage IV set up for Jag $5525.00
Assembly Charge for Will Call $250.00
(For Stage III or IV chassis)  
Kugel IFS (model A) add $2150.00
Third member (gears) ..New open $1250.00
Brake line pkg... installed $680.00
40247 • Drum Brakes 11" New $495.00
Disc Brakes, - Rear Wilwood $659.00
Disc Brake... Explorer $525.00


Why A Pick-Up Chassis?
The Model "A" pick-up has long been a popular street rod, but allowing it to sit low and still retain an excellent ride has long been a problem. Now, we offer you a solution. A chassis designed by CCR exclusively for the Model "A" pick-up. The rear crossmember has been modified to extend up into the bottom of the pick-up bed to give a nice fit, and added strength. Its special design also sits the car approximately 3 inches lower to give it better handling and a nice low look.

CCR's "A" pick-up chassis was designed out of a desire for a better truck; better looking, better handling, and a better way to build a pick-up.Jerry Keifer was working on his Model "A" pickup over 30 years ago. After he had finally gotten it together, on a stock "A" passenger car chassis, he stepped back and looked at it. After driving it, he decided he needed something different, so he tore it apart, and began examining what he could do to improve it.
Finally deciding that the chassis had to be changed, he started cutting, welding, hacking, and modifying it until he came up with a chassis specially designed for the "A" pick-up.

He put the car back together, and loved it. The pick-up fit nicely on the new crossmember. It sat approximately 3 inches lower than on the stock chassis, and it looked great! He prepped the truck for paint, added all of his trick hand crafted parts, and paint, and ended up with a magazine cover car, and was a contender for the World's Most Beautiful Roadster Award. And, this chassis can be yours! For over 30 years we have offered the CCR designed Model "A" Pick-Up chassis, for builders like you. 

Model 'A' Price List