"T" Body Parts

CCR -has engineered their fiberglass turtle deck to fit all T body styles. It has a flange for ease of installation. The lid is separate and can be hinged for easy access. Turtle deck measures 35" long, 32" wide, and 16 1/2" high. Must be shipped by truck.
Box charge of $15.00 added to shipping.
81051 • Turtle Deck with Lid ea $279.95
81038 • Turtle Deck Lid Only ea $44.95

Top off your pick-up bed with the clean looking, 20", fiberglass deck lid. Reinforced with wood and hinged for easy mounting and access (Can be cut shorter to fit your needs).

81050 • Smooth Deck Lid (with hinge) ea $179.95
Boxing Charge add $12.00
81144 • T Floor Transmission Hump (fiberglass) ea $44.95
81145 • T Floor Transmission Hump w/ Shift Pad (fiberglass) $55.95

With CCR's hinged deck lid cover (shown) you have easy access to your gas tank and your battery, if you mount it in the bed. CCR offers a 14 gallon tank which fits neatly into the 14" bed or 20" bed. The gas tank's neck is designed to sit under any bed cover, not extend through it. Made of steel, it's ready to mount.

NOTE: CCR's gas tanks are now manufactured in-house. The tanks are formed in only 2 pieces and have an internal baffle. They are completely heli-arc welded. The fill and sender unit have been repositioned for easier access. The tanks now have threaded bungs on the top for the vent and top pick-up fuel line. Billet o-ring gas cap included. Roll-over vent valve with hose and fuel pick-up tube sold separately.

91614PC • 14 Gallon Gas Tank (30 x 11 x 11 1/2') - powder coated gray ea $325.95
91620 • 20 Gallon Gas Tank (30 x 18 x 11112') - powder coated gray call
99640 • Tank Roll-over Vent Valve (w/hose) ea $14.95
91630 • Fuel Pick-up Tube (3/8" aluminum elbow) ea $21.95
91632 • Fuel Sender (for VDO gauges) ea $49.95
91638 • Fuel Sender (for Classic gauges) ea $49.95
Add $15.00 for boxing charge on gas tank  


61323 • Aluminum T Firewall (standard body) ea $189.95
61323P • Aluminum T Firewall, polished (std. body) ea $295.95
61325 • Aluminum T Firewall (long body) ea $189.95
61325P • Aluminum T Firewall, polished (long body) ea $295.95

CCR's larger T dash gives room for 8 standard gauges, as well as, most digital panels. This is the dash that comes in all our Standard and Smooth T bodies, and it can be adapted to fit most other standard T bodies.

81346 • Large T Dash (fiberglass) ea $99.95

CCR T-Bucket Interior Kits

Drop it in and go! The easiest installing "T" bucket interior kits. The CCR drop-in interior fits snugly in our bodies and is designed, like all CCR manufactured parts, to the highest quality standards. This interior needs no wood reinforcement to install, so your job is easy. Made of durable Marine Vinyl attached to a formed wood insert. Insert has a 4" high seat riser, with under cushion access for your wiring needs.

The kit comes complete with seat The interior is available in just about any color. Standard model is all vinyl and we offer a deluxe upgraded version which has vinyl trim and cloth pleats.

Bed Kit:     sold separately
Carpet Kit: sold separately

This interior kit used with our "T" bucket bodies makes the perfect set-up. The combination provides easy installation with no messy wood reinforcing at all. See bodies section in this catalog for more information on the bodies.

CCR manufactures a one-piece, easy to install, top bow kit featuring CCR's own look, as shown in the photo. The top bow mounts at the body and to our support bracket that bolts to the windshield frame hinge and curves up to the top of the windshield frame. You only need to drill the body where the top bow mounts to it. Kit includes everything needed to mount it, including top bow (not available in chrome), top bow legs (available in chrome), custom machined prop nuts (available in chrome), body mounting bolts, support bracket (available in chrome), and all hardware. It's the best top bow kit available! (Material not included)

61750 • Top Bow Kit - (standard body or #61755 for long body) $269.95
61750C • Top Bow-chrome - (std body or #61755C long body) $399.95
(Top Bow is powdered coated black only, legs and all hardware in chrome)  
61760C • Prop Nuts-Chrome - (w/ hardware) pr $65.95
61700 • Support Brackets pr $24.95
61700P • Support Brackets - Polished Stainless pr $59.95

Because the top bow is a one-piece construction kit it must be shipped by truck or Greyhound Bus line. Shipping will come collect by the trucking company in your area.
TIP: You can save, shipping charges by ordering the top bow and/or the interior kit at the same time as you order your body.