26 - 27 Frame & Chassis

CCR's 1926-27 chassis will give you everything you need to build a great car. To begin with, CCR offers you a choice of standard width frame or V-8 width frame. Both frames offer a no-hassle approach to mounting your body, as they have stock dimension mounting holes. If you're going to run a V-6 or V-8 motor in your street rod, the V-8 width frame is your perfect choice. It gives you the room you need (see dimensions below). We recommend using the V-8 width frame in all applications.
To give your car that cool, low street rod look, the CCR designed front crossmember lowers the front suspension 2 inches. For strength and dependability the frames are made of
11/2" x 3" x 3/16" (.188) rectangular tubing and 100% electric welded in a precision built CCR jig. The rear crossmember allows the use of a conventional rearend or a Jag rearend, it's your call.
Whether you choose the most complete chassis stage or a bare frame and add to it as your budget and time allows, CCR can take the hassle out of constructing a hot car with quality components that work together.

STAGE IV - V8 Width (#22464) w/optional running board brackets ..................... add $250.00

w/ optional Drum Brakes add $495.00
w/ optional 3rd member $1135.00

Includes New Axles 

Call CCR for your '26-'27 chassis.

If you're going to put a V-6 or a V-8 motor in your car, CCR's '26-27 chassis is designed wider just for you. It's larger dimensions give you the necessary room for the bigger motor, but the chassis will still fit all body styles.

CCR can offer you a 1926-'27 frame or chassis with a kicked up rear to lower your ride.
Kick-up on any stage add $200.00

Our '26-'27 frames have CCR's own front crossmember which lowers the front suspension 2 full inches. Built from 3/16 (.188) wall tubing for extra strength. Whether you choose the standard width or CCR's V-8 width frame, it can be set up for a conventional rearend or a Jaguar rearend.

Stock Width Frame  
22104 • Stage I for Coil-Overs $795.00
22106 • Stage I for Jag $1095.00
V-8 Width Frame  
22114 • Stage I for coil-Overs $795.00
22116 • Stage I for Jag $1095.00
The stage II frame is a great start to your street rod. It's a brand new CCR frame with all the mounting brackets welded in place. You can begin mounting your motor, trans, and rearend and just add to it as you want to.
V-8 Width Frame  
22224 • Stage 11 for Coil-Overs $1835.00
22226 • Stage II for Jag $2135.00

Looking for a chassis to build your '26 or '27 onto. The stage III is what you need. With the front and rear 4-link suspension, rearend housing w/ 28 spline axles and coil-overs, steering box, brake pedal assembly, and front spring, axle and shocks, this is the perfect chassis for your car.

V-8 Width Chassis  
22354 • Stage III with coil-overs $5850.00
22356 • Stage 111 set up for Jag $4750.00
(Jaguar rearend not included)  

Stage IV is the most complete chassis package we offer. It includes a complete stage III chassis plus the front disc brakes and calipers, as well as, the master cylinder. incl. new 28 spline axles 11" Brake not included)  Add $495

V-8 Width Chassis  
22464 • Stage IV with coil-overs $6295.00
22466 • Stage IV set up for Jag $5225.00
(Jaguar rearend not included) incl. power unit  
Assy. Charge for Will Call $275.00
(For Stage III or IV chassis)  

If you are ordering a 1926-27 chassis with a kicked-up rear and are using the XJ stock width
Jag please add $85.00 to chassis price.

Add the beauty of chrome to your new chassis order. Chrome packages are available for the stage III chassis
(see chart for list of parts).

Coil-Over Chrome Package add $1950.00
22000 • Front Crossmember $150.00
(5 piece, unwelded)  
22001 • Front Crossmember $210.00
(5 piece, welded)  

After you have decided which chassis you need, you may choose from some options available to you. The rearend options are available for any CCR chassis.

Kicked-up rear crossmember add $200.00
9" Ford R/E Housing add $1295.00
(Includes centered housing w/new axles
& brackets mounted)
9" Ford Rearend Complete add $2450.00
(Inc: centered Currie housing w/ brkts mounted
A 3.00 Ford third member
new axles, bearings, backing plate
and complete 11" drum brake set-up.)

What Do You Get With It ?
....... These are the parts that come with a coil-over chassis, other set-ups will come with their respective pieces.
Frame with front & rear crossmember • Body Tabs

Front Upper Shock Mount Tubes • Motor Mount Brkts.(Chevy or SB F rd • Front 4-Link Frame Bracket • Steering Box Brkt. (Mustang or Vega) • Master Cylinder / Brake Pedal Bracket • Trans X-member w/Drop-Out Brkt Tabs • Rear 4-Link Frame Bracket • Upper Coil-Over Shock Brackets • Rear Panhard Bar Bracket • Brake Line Tab

• Front U-Bolt Kit • Front Spring • Front Shackles • Extended Spring Perches • Front Shocks • Tube Axle w/Shock Brkt. welded • Spindles (early Ford w/ arm) King Pin Bushing Kit • Tie-Rod • Front 4-Links with Bushings & Bolt Kit • Axle Bat Wings Steering Box (Mustang or Vega) • Pitman Arm • Drag LInk Brake Pedal Arm and Pushrod • Removable Trans Mount • Rear 4-Link with Bushings • Rear 4-Link Housing Bracket Rear 4-Link Bolt Kit • Adjustable Coil-Over Shocks • Coil-Over Shock Bolt Kit • Rear Panhard Bar Kit Ford 9" Housing w/Coil-Over Brackets
(9" rearend options available, see options)
Front Disc Brake Kit • Front GM Disc Brake Calipers (Specify Ford or Chevy bolt pattern) • Master Cylinder

1926- 1927 Chassis Price List

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